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Google Ads Campaigns

We offer more than a traditional translation. Our tool is able to capture the nuances of every market, helping you expand your business and obtain effective results.

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Designed for marketers

A tool to automatically translate your Google Ads campaigns

Language Technology

Artificial intelligence, authentic results

Based on natural language processing technology (NLP) and keywords with real traffic by geolocation, your campaigns will adapt to your new global audiences.

Plug & Play

Your audiences, our destination

Translate up to 10 pages of your website to attract new audiences referred from your Google Ads campaigns.

Instant Translation

Transcreate in record time

Avoid the delays from the traditional world of translations and receive campaigns in a matter of minutes Our process is optimized so turnaround times don't disrupt your schedule.

Supported Languages

The essence is what matters

Experts will help convey the original intent, tone and context of your ads. By capturing the nuances of languages, transcreation sends a more meaningful message than translation.

Efficient translations

Leave it to us, we’ve got you covered!

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Keywords Packs

Get better results in new markets with real traffic from artificial intelligence.



Keep the character limit without losing your message. By incorporating geolocation, we ensure your high quality ads remain clear and relevant in any market.

Reach new audiencies

Innovation and unique scope

Remove language barriers. With our technology and a few clicks, you can transcreate your Google ads into more than 100 languages and expand the frontiers of your marketing strategies.

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GetGloby Iso
GetGloby Iso

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In only 3 steps:

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    Link your Google Ads account to our platform.
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    Select the language and location you desire.
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    Upload translated campaigns to your Google Ads account for free.
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